Don Quichotte für Kinder
Don Quichotte für Kinder

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Don Quichotte for children

Concept and Performance Christine Marx

Musik Georg Philipp Telemann
For Children 5 Years and older

Children 5 years and older can experience the story of the poor Spanish nobleman Don Quichotte and his friend Sancho Pansa in a narration that is accompanied by the wonderfully depictive music of Georg Philipp Telemann. The children become acquainted with the various musical instruments of the ensemble, hearing how they can imitate the sound of Don Quichotte’s plaintive sighing, the gallop of Don Quichotte’s old horse Rosinante, and the braying of Sancho Pancho’s somewhat wild mule.

The program comes to a dramatic peak when our nobleman charges the windmills in a wild attack, allowing the children to experience the drama, the seriousness, and above all the comical aspects of the crazy daydreamer Don Quichotte and his sympathetically naive partner Sancho Pansa. All of the props used come from ordinary household items: the knight’s helmet is made out of a cookie tin, the armour from tin cans, the horse from a boot turned upside down, and the windmill is a metal garbage can, to which a pole, with four broomsticks and rubber gloves spinning around, is attached.

Christine Marx - Acting

Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra Hamburg (2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Harpsichord)

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1787) Burlesque de Quichotte, Suite in G Major: Overture, Don Quichotte’s Awakening, His Attack on the Windmills, Amorous Sighs for the Princess Dulcinea, Sancho Pansa Mocked, The Gallop of Rosinante, The Gallop of Sancho Pansa’s Mule, Don Quichotte’s Repose

A production of Uhde & Harckensee MusikManagement

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