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Festivals and Concert Series

What happens if the passionate enthusiasm for music - its multifaceted themes and variations, its societal and historical connections and its relevance to today, its grandiose works and their interpreters - constantly bring out new connections and entirely new concepts? Then the best conditions are created to organize and program festivals based on themes and/or focusing on countries, with links to historical and current societal topics, with parallels to specific locations and historical facts and occurrences.

Back in 1997 we started with “EROS & ECCLESIA - festival of medieval avant-garde music”, a ten-day event that highlighted some of Berlin’s best artists and was highly acclaimed by both the press and public. In our yearly festival “KlangBilder”, sponsored by the Berlin Senate and presented in the art gallery of the Berlin Kulturforum, we have been combining works of art together with music for the public on location. In 2010, in cooperation with the Konzerthaus Berlin, we are presenting our biennial “zeitfenster – Biennale Alter Musik” a festival that began in 2002 and since then has created a sensation for its broad range of themes and artists. Since 2008 we are also responsible for the “Festival Alter Musik Bernau”.

One thing is common in all of our festivals: in our programming, the past is made current and points to the future. Despite this we always focus on the music, which is presented by outstanding artists and ensembles and is complemented by text readings, film presentations and/or children’s programs - or, in other words, everything relevant to life.

Festivals and Concert Series (Selection)

Biennale Alter Musik
2002 Faltblatt / Programmbuch
2004 Faltblatt / Programmbuch
2006 Faltblatt / Programmbuch
2008 Faltblatt / Programmbuch
2010 Faltblatt / Programmbuch

Festival Alter Musik Bernau
2008 Faltblatt
2009 Faltblatt

KlangBilder in der Gemäldegalerie Berlin 1997-2005
2005 Faltblatt

Eros & Ecclesia
festival mittelalterlicher avantgardemusik 1997, Berlin
1997 Faltblatt / Programmbuch

Barockfestspiele Arolsen 2005

Musik und Begegnung
Konzertreihe in Berlin von Uhde & Harckensee MusikManagement bis 1999

Friedenauer Kammerkonzerte 1995 – 1998

Alte Musik in Sengwarden bis 2005

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