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Las idas y las vuelta / Away and Back

A Dialogue of Flamenco and Baroque Music of the Colonial Era

Fahmi Alqhai Viola da gamba & Artistic Director
Arcángel Flamenco singer

Both classically trained musicians, and both recognized as extraordinary masters of their art, the gambist Fahmi Alqhai and the flamenco singer Arcángel display their eagerness to experiment and musical intuition in this particular program. Taking the idea of reliving the common past and present of flamenco and baroque music, the two forms seek inspiration from one another as they come together musically. Village and city, folk music and high art are presented here in a living dialogue, revealing how musical life was influenced by musical innovations hundreds of years ago.

The Spanish colonization of America and the meeting of European, American, and African civilizations was the soil for new musical developments, and for the evolution and birth of new styles. The exchange of rhythms, melodies and cadences, which later found their way into American jazz, were already to be found hundreds of years earlier in the birth of flamenco.

In Andalusia and South American cities, song and dance elements were mixed and joined together, traveling from the Gulf of Guinea in the Caribbean over to Seville and up to the Gulf of Cadiz and back. A true, non-locatable melting pot emerged, in which Jácaras, Canarios and Chaconnes merged, serving as the common ground for both folk music and classical music: Guarachas by Céspedes, which remind one of Tanguillos from Cadiz, Marionas, which bear the flavor of Alegrías, as well as age old and modern Fandangos and Siguiriyas based on the chords of a passacaglia.

This is the music that was written down hundreds of years ago, offering both musicians the chance to relive it in spontaneous intuition. One can already taste the aromas of lost worlds…

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Las tierras & las raíces
Improvisación sobre La Spagna
Romance del Rey Moro
Las morillas de Jaén & Jaleos

Músicas mestizas

Milonga & Vidalita

Las danzas

Marionas & Canarios
Alegrías de Cádiz
Xácaras & Bulerías
Guaracha & Guajira

subject to changes

Fahmi Alqhai
viola da gamba and musical direction

flamenco singer

Miguel Ángel
Cortés, flamenco guitar

Agustín Diassera, cajón box drum and palmas

Mariví Blasco, soprano
Rami Alqhai, viola da gamba
Johanna Rose, viola da gamba
Juan Ramón Lara, violone
Vicente Parrilla, recorder
Enrique Solinis, baroque guitar & theorbo
Pedro Estevan, percussion

a production of Accademia del Piacere

next performances
21. April 2012: Hamburg, NDR - Das Alte Werk
22. April 2012: Köln, Philharmonie
23. April 2012: Berlin, zeitfenster Biennale Alter Musik VI

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Alqhai & Alqhai 2012

record release: 20. Mai 2012

Accademia del Piacere Dir. Fahmi Alqhai
Les Violes du Ciel et de l'Enfer
Alqhai & Alqhai 2010

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Accademia del Piacere - Fahmi Alqhai - Arcángel

Arcángel - Tierra Bendita (Fandangos de Huelva) en el programa Únicos de Antena 3

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