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Baroque Lounge

Baroque meets electro: this seemingly impossible combination is ‘synthesized’ in an experimental concert series performed by the Hamburg baroque orchestra Elbipolis. Having established themselves in the early music scene for their musical brilliance and interpretational flair, Elbipolis regularly performs ‘lounge concerts’ that combine music of the baroque together with electronic artists such as Tim Exile from London or Brezel Göring from Stereo Total.

The result is a fascinating dialogue that NDR described as “experimenting with the dissolving of classical concert forms, allowing new possibilities for relaxation and exchange of spontaneous musical experiences.” Sometimes straying away from the norm, sometimes handling the musical forms with irony, Elbipolis maintain their base through the use of fugue elements and counterpoint, contrasting them against the electronic rhythms. A unique and spontaneous musical experience results, opening dynamic horizons that cross the border between a formal concert setting and a club atmosphere. The increasing popularity of Baroque Lounge concerts can be seen in their performances at Radialsystem Berlin and Kampnagel Hamburg.

A co-production with NDR, RADIALSYSTEM V Berlin and Kampnagel Hamburg

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Barock Lounge
Outer Space (mit Brezel Göring von Stereo Total)

Barock Lounge
Dancefloor 1708 (mit Tim Exile)

Barock Lounge
Dinner for 4 (mit Brezel Göring von Stereo Total)

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