Die Feenkönigin

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The Fairy Queen

A Musical Fairy Tale

Music by Henry Purcell
Realization and Direction Christine Marx
For children 7 years and older

That’s simply not possible! What are they doing here in this concert, this… this odd couple, dressed in green and shouting at each other? First they are unable to find their seats, then they make loud comments about the strange smells coming from the audience, and then they start insulting the concertmaster! They speak about troll poop and the beauty of nature and… and slowly they lead the entire audience into their magical world where things are, well, quite different from ours.
Through the magic of music, the concert hall is transformed into the fairy queen’s enchanted forest: the musicians turn into elves (bass and continuo) and goblins (upper strings and winds). The cheeky Puck, who pretends to be Oberon’s faithful servant, puts Titania and the concertmaster, as well as the entire orchestra, into a deep sleep. However, Oberon steps in at the right moment and puts everything back to order within the orchestra. But who knows just how long this peace lasts in the enchanted world of the fairies…!

Christine Marx – Titania
Hans Dieter Heiter – Oberon
Carla Linné – Puck/Baroque Dance
Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra Hamburg

A Production of Uhde & Harckensee MusikManagement

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